EXP Event
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The World Boss System
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Server Information
Mid-Highrate Server
4 Classes
Daily Boss Raids
Endless Dungeon System
Self-Coded Anti-hack protection system
Self-Coded Cooldown protection system
Armor Fusion System (with various animation effects)

Wings Aura Fusion System (with various animation effects)
Recoded skills formulas
POV/POJ/POS Armor/Weapon enchant system
AOE Soul Destruction at level 70 (Wis 75% / Int 25%)
Balanced PVE/PVP
Reborns available at level 110
Starting level 25
Daily Vote rewards
Multiple daily events
Custom Raid System (10 instances)
Self-made quests for levels 1-110
Multiple New leveling areas
Party zones
Crafting materials
Multiple Time-limit areas

... and much more!

Reborn Ranks

Reborn 1 (Experience penalty 10%)
<R> Recruit
Reborn 2 (Experience penalty 20%)
<E> Ensign
Reborn 3 (Experience penalty 30%)
<P> Private
Reborn 4 (Experience penalty 40%)
<C> Colonel
Reborn 5 (Experience penalty 50%)
<B> Brigadier
Reborn 6 (Experience penalty 60%)
<L> Lieutenant
Reborn 7 (Experience penalty 70%)
<G> General
Reborn 8 (Experience penalty 80%)
<O> Officer
Reborn 9 (Experience penalty 90%)
<S1> Sergeant 1
Reborn 10 (Experience penalty 92%)
<S2> Sergeant 2
Reborn 11 (Experience penalty 95%)
<S3> Sergeant 3
Reborn 12 (Experience penalty 99%)
<M1> Major



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