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Server Updates
Server Update

Goshi Leader [Party Raid] has been added (G115 drop, 4 party members)
2 Daily Quests were added (Guard of The Phoenix / Goshi Leader slayer)
Taegeuk Absorbed stats were fixed
DSS/Qigong Success Rates were recoded / increased
F10 I'lyer System has been recoded
I'lyer Boss Spawn has been added in F10 System (final wave)
F10 Participation rewards have been added
F10, World Boss Raid monsters HP increased
Newcomer EXP Bonus increased (+40%)
Rupture Recoded (AOE at level 70)
Guard of the Phoenix [Party Raid] now drops G110
Guard of the Phoenix [Party Raid] Cooldown reduced to 12 hours
Guard of the Phoenix [Party Raid] price reduced to 5kk / person
Guard of the Phoenix [Party Raid] Damage has been reduced
Treasure Hunt Boxes are locked if you are not in the instance
Enchanting Trigrams while having more than 64 items in the inv fixed
Ascetic PVP damage increased
Blockage stones were removed from Dungeon 1
Syringes of Experience were fixed (whole temp-fort zone)
CO/CA/DOK PVE/PVP Damages were rebalanced
Perforation Shots Success Rate increased to 100%
All previously obtained Perforation Shots were removed
Perforation Shots Drops reduced
Broken Mirrors droprate increased
Pets Picking range slightly increased
Random Connection Lost issues were fixed

Server Update

G115 Gear Crafting NPC has been enabled
G115 Drops Added to World Boss Raid and The Giant Atziri Drops
Quartz Ore added to drops, Reborn and Cruel Instance Raid Rewards
Malachite Ore added to drops, Reborn and Cruel Instance Raid Rewards
Newcomer Bonus increased (+30% EXP)
Trigrams +7/+8 Names and stats were fixed
Counter Attack Skill Recoded (Deals AOE damage on first use)
Counter Offensive Skill Recoded (Increased Trigger rate in PVE)
Wings Aura Fuses description added (once applied to wings)
Wings Aura Fusion Magic Attack Bonuses were fixed
G110 Mage Hair Decoration model fixed
Spin Slash damage has been fixed on 5 charges
Website Has been updated (Events, Droplist, Server info, Market)
Characters can now be sold for Geons on Cruel Market
Devil Wings stats description added to Reborn Rewards NPC
Reduced Pet Crafting Prices
G80+ Gear Sell Prices increased (when selling to NPC)
Limit of accounts logged per IP set to 10

Server Update

Reborn Rewards Manager added to Temp-Fort
World Boss Raid Monsters HP reduced
Sunday Madness Raid Monsters HP reduced
Random server crash issue fixed
Pets equip slot has been fixed
Gold Bar Event Boss name changed to Geons Boss to avoid confusion
Event Random G110-G120 Boss name changed to Random Gear Boss
PVE Critical Medicine drops doubled in all Raid Instances
Added a chance of dropping stack (2-4) of PVE Crit Medicines in Raid instances
Discord Status plugin has been developed / added
Cruel Raid Instance #1 entry fee reduced (1.000.000 Geons)
Droplist has been updated
Sapphire / Ruby / Crystal description fixed
Geons required to craft G110 reduced
Dunamic Master pet stats, autopick were fixed

Official Start

Cruel 2023 Season has officially started!

Recent Changes:

Server ecconomy has been changed.
All geon drops reduced by 100
All items and crafting prices reduced by 100
Raid / Boss joining fees reduced by 100
Phoenix Raid Instance teleport out timer increased to 90 seconds
Cruel Raid Instance joining fees changed
Cruel Raid Instance #1 joining fee added
Raid Instance cooldown bug while changing party leader was fixed
Various bot softwares were blocked by custom protection
Multiple skills PVP/PVE damage rebalanced
Arrow of Silence Skill has been added
Exclusive Ocher Wings [7 Day] added to World Instance Raid drops
Automatic inventory expansion added upon new char creation (unlimited)
Stone of Experience Buff Icon fixed
Reborn Reward Points added for each reborn

Scheduled Updates will drop every Friday
Expect to see new content coming up weekly.
If you have suggestions to improve server - use suggestions channel
Below is a part of upcoming scheduled update logs
Scheduled Update (Friday - January 27)

G115 Crafting NPC (if there are enough G110 crafted sets)
Reborn Rewards NPC (Lets you exchange your reward points for various rewards)
Upgraded Raid and Boss Gear drops
2 New crafted Fusion bosses (parts droppable in party and time-limited areas)
Special Treasure Box (can be opened using a special key)
Time-limited craftable exclusive suits (Cruel themed)

*50% of the previous donations completed since June 1st are being refunded.
*Contact admin ingame or discord providing your paypal e-mail address for confirmation.



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