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Server Updates
Server Update

Newcomer EXP Bonus Buff increased (+300%)
Lower Reborned players EXP Bonus increased (+150%)
Last Man Standing Tournament (15:30) Registration has been fixed
Gear drops in daily World Boss, F10 Raids were doubled
[Superior] Evergreen Island has been added
[Superior] Misty Island has been added
[Superior] Ivory Island has been added
3 New [Superior] Certificates were added
Superior Certificates added to Daily Quest Box rewards
Superior Certificates added to Daily World Boss Raid / Sunday Madness drops
Amulet Fuse Shards added to Superior Certificate zones
Amulet Fuse Shard drop exclusively in Superior Time-Limited zones
Fierceful Wolf / The Mad Boar Slayer Daily Quests added
6 New (Elite/Superior limited zones) Daily quests added
Possessed Island Daily quest mobs counter has been fixed
Treasure Chest of Wonders drops were fixed
Geon drops increased in Daily Geon Boss Raid

Server Update

Newcomer EXP Bonus Buff increased (+270%)
Reborned players EXP has been increased up to 12th reborn
2nd Daily Last Man Standing Tournament has been added (15:30 /servertime)
The Mad Boar G125 [Party Raid] has been added
The Fierceful Wolf [G120 Party Raid] entry fee reduced to 13.000.000 Geons
Goshi Leader [G115 Party Raid] Required party members reduced to 3+
The Furious Fiends were added to F10 Raid [Wave 2]
[Superior] Chromatic wings were added to Daily Quest Box rewards (1%)
Chance to obtain [Elite] Scarlet Wings increased in Daily Quest Box (2%)
Party EXP Raid entry fee has been increased to 15.000.000 Geons
EXP Bonus in Party EXP Raid has been increased to 650%
Reward for completing 10-15-20 waves of Party EXP Raid has been added
Flame Plants explosion damage has been increased (Watch out!)
Chance to spawn [Furious Fiend Boss] has been increased in Party EXP Raid
Treasure Chests of Wonders have been added (Spawns randomly outside temp-fort)
Treasure Chest of Wonders can only be opened using the Key of Wonders
[Key of Wonders] has been added to Party EXP Raid Wave rewards
Amount of geons required to craft G135 / G140 Gear has been reduced
Events Registration Menu updated, sectioned (F1 -> Events Registration)
The Giant Atziri now has 100% dropchance for G135 parts
Daily World Boss Raid now drops G130
G115 Drops removed from Ifrit Master (it will only drop G120-G125 Pieces)
The Boom of Earth invalid CD has been fixed

Server Update

Newcomer EXP Bonus Buff increased (+250%)
Reborn 1 - 5 (R, E, P, C, B) EXP has been increased
Boss drops allocation has been fixed / recoded (based on party damage)
Party EXP Raid has been added (15 minutes, 4+ members required, LVL 90+, 12h cooldown)
The Furious Fiend has been added (Fuse Shards Boss)
Killing party EXP Raid monsters have a chance of spawning [The Furious Fiend]
500% EXP Bonus has been enabled for Party EXP Raid
Killing Death Scythe (World Boss) now has 50% chance to spawn [Fierceful Wolf Boss]
Magical damage has been reworked for all BOSSES (no more level based)
Damage reduction for all magical damage no longer applies during BOSS fights
Daily Geon Boss Raid Boss spawns have been sectioned (12 separate spawns)
Lottery registration has been fixed where players could not register
Certificates Merging system has been updated (allows upgrading certificates)
Extra Large Medicines (700 HP) were added to Cruel Merchant
G4 Weapon Fuse Bonus buff icon information has been fixed
Upward Slash max grade has been increased to G5
PWW skill has been recoded and rebalanced in PVE and PVP
Non-reborn Event Boss zone map has been updated

Server Update

Newcomer EXP Bonus Buff increased (+220%)
G4 Weapon Fuses bonus buff icon has been added
G4 [Fire/Ice/Poison] Aura fuses were added
G4 wings Aura bonus buff added (+900 attack/+50 def/+10 otp)
Aura Bonus Buff Icons were fixed
G125 Clean Relic Weapon texture fixed (matches upgraded weapons)
Multiple skills damage slightly adjusted in PVP
Life Absorption HP Regeneration in PVE/PVP were recoded
Mobs absorption has been slightly increased in all leveling zones
4 New [Superior] set of Wings were added
Overall PVE damage has been reduced for all classes (-7%) to prevent damage overflow
Cruel Raid Tokens droprate has been increased
The Giant Atziri drops were updated (no longer drops G125 Gear)
Regular Boss Spawns were rescheduled, more simultaneous spawns added
Droplist has been updated on website

Server Update

Starting Level has been increased to 70
Starting Gear has been changed to G70
Additional EXP stone +70% has been added
3rd job package has been added to first quest rewards
70% Additional EXP stone has been added to first quest rewards
15% chance to drop additional EXP stone +70% added to Ifrit / Atziri drops
Geons droprate has been doubled (in all non-mage zones)
G110 Set crafting price has been heavily reduced (5kk armor / 15kk weapon)
G110 Gear price reduced in donation shop
Galena / Baryte Ores added to drops
Galena / Baryte Ores added to Cruel Raid Instance rewards
G140 Tempered Set has been added
G140 Crafting NPC has been added to temp-fort
G135 Armor (15% chance) added to The Giant Atziri drops
G140 Weapon drop added to Sunday Madness Raid
G125 Gear (30% chance) added to Ifrit Master drops
Anti-ks has been disabled in Daily Geon Boss Raid
15% Additional EXP stone added to all Raids as participant reward
Cruel Raid Instance tokens droprate slightly increased
G125 Fire Fuse G4 enchanted Stick stats were fixed

Server Update

Newcomer EXP Bonus Buff increased (+200%)
F10 and Raid Boss HP has been increased
G4 Fire / Poison / Ice Weapon fuses added
EXP Increased in all Very Hard party zones
Fuse Shard drops increased in all Very Hard party zones
Safezones and anti-ks added to Daily Geon Boss Raid
T4 Syringes of Experience added to Experience Dealer
T4 Experience Shards added to drops
New reborn grade, tag [Quartermaster] has been added
Dungeon of Blood spawns were reworked in the last room
G130 / G135 Shields stats (DEF/EVA) were increased
Priest Guardian Summon Scroll added to Shop Rewards NPC
Sword Dance damage increased in PVP/PVE +25%
Half Swing damage increased in PVP/PVE +70%
Powerful Upward Slash increased in PVE +30% / PVP +15%
Spin Slash now deals 5 hits to every mob

Server Update

G130 Gear Stats (DEF/EVA) have been increased
G135 Murder Set has been added
G135 Crafting NPC has been added in fort
Chromite and Cobalt Ores added to droplist
Chromite and Cobalt Ores added to Cruel Instance Rewards
Amethyst Wings were added to Daily Quest rewards box (3%)
Scarlet Wings were added to Daily Quest rewards box (1%)
Elite Certificates were added to Daily Quest rewards box
Elite certificate zones EXP increased
Fuse Shard drops were added to Elite certificate zones
x5 New T4 Pets were added
Mage zones are restricted to Mage class only
G125 Drops were added to the World Boss Raids
G125 Drops were added to F10 System I'lier drops
The Giant Atziri has 20% dropchance of G130 random part
Missing DSS/Qigong Stats bug has been fixed
Castle War is being prepared for the next week!
CW will be live on April 9th! Prepare for it!
*We will have poll ingame for the CW rules

Server Update

Newcomer EXP Bonus Buff increased (+160%)
G60-G80 Weapon rewards were added for completing lower level quests
3 Certificates were added to Canyon of Death Quest reward
All weapons obtained from quest rewards are now pimped with a lower tier TOI
Cruel Raid Instance 2-8 Joining fees were heavily reduced (to match rewards value)
Daily Geon Boss Raid has been added (Daily 16:00 /servertime)
G100 Droprate increased in certificate zones
Overall Geons drop has been slightly increased
Infinity Dungeon Mobs rebalanced, EXP and drops heavily increased
Temptation Tower Mobs rebalanced, EXP and drops heavily increased
G115-G120 droprate increased in Infinity Dungeon and Temptation Tower
Fuse shards (low rate) added to Infinity Dungeon and Temptation Tower drops
Changing Qigong stats after adding polishing stone bug has been fixed
G110 Weapon sale price to NPC has been fixed
G125 Parts Sale price added (when selling to NPC)
POB activated in Raid Instances
Meats and summon scrolls were disabled at PVP Tournament zones
OTP / Evasion balance has been readjusted on various gear and talismans
Duel Tournaments round time has been increased to 1 minute 30 seconds
Undead Sand spawn time changed (Daily 15:30 /servertime)
Pets HP Healing values were fixed (matches pet description)
Baby Elements (Crafted Pets) names were fixed

Server Update

Newcomer EXP Bonus Buff increased (+150%)
Daily Last Man Standing Tournament has been recoded / Added (daily 20:30)
Duel Tournament has been recoded / Added (1 minute rounds, daily 16:30, 21:30)
Duel and Last Man Standing rewards added for winning and losing players
G110-G120 Clean gear price added / increased (selling to NPC)
Crafting Ores price increased (selling to NPC)
Provocation of Blow damage Increased in PVP
Multiple Skills were rebalanced for PVP
All dropped Pets can now be traded (before they are activated)
OTP has been added to all Talisman of Wonder stats
G130 Weapon Drops added to Sunday Madness Drops
3 New Reborn Tags were added (W7-W9)
Undead Dragon Boss has been resized

Coming Up:
Combined Fused Armor Sets (multiple fuses)
Cruel Synthesis System (in progress of development)
4 New Elite Wings
New set of top-tier pets
4 New Fuse Shards Bosses (new zone)
New Summoned Boss (including 4 parts)

Server Update

Newcomer EXP Bonus Buff increased (+130%)
G130 Indigo Set has been added
G130 Crafting NPC has been added
Bismuth Ore added to drops
Paladium Ore added to drops
New ores added to Raid Rewards NPC
GOB Skills PVE/PVP damage increased
Magical damage has been recoded, fixed (Monday update)
All Magical Skills damage (PVE only) is dependant on player/mob level difference
Lightning Arrow, Magic Intensification (ASC) Skills were recoded
All Storm skills (Ice/Fire/Thunder) were recoded, damage inceased
Focus Shot / Arrow Rain damage increased in PVE
PWW (GEN) skill damage has been increased (PVE/PVP)
Blessing (MA) skill has been fixed (when casting on other player)
Provocation of Blow has been recoded (3 hits on use)

Coming soon:
Cruel Synthesis system (More information on Wednesday)
1v1 and LMS tournaments (recoded)
Honor Points, Honor Kill / Death Ranking

Server Update

Newcomer EXP Bonus Buff increased (+120%)
Fierceful Wolf [G120 Party Raid] has been added
Undead Dragon / Cruel Lord pieces added to all Party Raid Boss drops
Fresh Meat healing has been increased to 5000 HP/sec
All Monster Summon Scrolls were disabled in Event Area
G100-G105 Sell Price increased while selling to NPC
G115+ Fused weapons disabled in Crumbling Sand Boss zone
Goshi Leader [G115 Party Raid] fee reduced to 8kk / person
Infinity Dungeon [Very Hard Party zones] EXP Bonus added 300-400%
Temptation Tower [Very Hard Party zones] EXP Bonus added 400-500%
Lottery System NPC has been added to Fort
Exclusive Destiny Armor Set [7 day] Lottery has been added (3 times / week)
G80-G90 Drops were removed from all Party zones

Server Update

Newcomer EXP Bonus Buff increased (+100%)
Ice fuse in Cruel Weapon Fusion NPC has been fixed
G125 Fused weapons effects were fixed
G125 Weapon was added to Sunday Madness Raid Boss drop
The Giant Atziri now has 25% chance to drop G125 gear
Duel / LMS tournaments temporary disabled (in the process of recoding)
Temptation Tower F1-F3 (mage) added [Lieutenant+ Reborn]
Temptation Tower F4-F6 (party) added [Sergeant+ Reborn]
Golden Lottery Tickets added to drops (all party zones)
Weekly Lottery will be added shortly (Exclusive Destiny Set - 7 days)
2nd Daily Battlefield added (Daily 20:30-20:45)
Guard of the Phoenix (Party Raid) Entry fee reduced to 3kk
Reborn Rewards NPC has been updated
G125 Crafting NPC has been added
Lead / Azurite Ores added to drops
Lead / Azurite Ores added to Raid Instance Rewards
Dungeon of Hope mob spawns reworked
Event zone non-reborn area walls updated
G115 Enchanted weapon icons fixed
Weapon Fuse Shards added to Endless Dungeon Wave rewards
Daggers Weapon Fuse effects added on both daggers
Riding animals unmount bug fixed
G115 drops added to Undead Dragon
G120 chance added to Ifrit Drops

Server Update

Cruel Weapon Fusion System has been added
Weapon Fusion System NPC has been added
Weapon Fuse Shards were added
3 New Weapon Fuses added (Poison - Ice - Fire)
ASSASSIN tag has been changed to [Slayer]
ASSASSIN name will now be displayed on mask equip
Cruel Raid Instance [EASY+] Element mobs changed to Hermits
Forest of Dawn platforms added, safezones and spawns reworked
G110 to G115 upgrade scrolls fixed at donation npc
Battlefield Safe-zones were fixed
Damage during PVP Tournaments has been fixed
Damage during LMS Tournament has been fixed
Newcomer EXP Bonus Buff increased (+80%)
/ignore, /unignore commands were implemented
You won't see messages, party, trade requests from ignored players
G100 Side parts added for Sacred Island quest completion
Missing G90 knight gloves reward fixed for Top F2 Quest
Crumbling Sand Boss Gear limitation added (G110 is maximum gear allowed to use)
PVE Critical Hit 10 Min description fixed
Divine Suction Skill has been recoded
Battlefield Safezones were added
Honor Point Rewards added for all Boss Raids and Cruel Raid Instances
Additional Exp stones missing names were fixed
F1 -> Reborns table has been updated
F1 -> Event Area has been updated + non-reborn zone
Non-Reborn Boss teleporter NPC added for Event Area Zone
3 New Boss spawns added for Main Daily Boss Events (non-reborn zone)

Server Update

Newcomer EXP Bonus increased (+70%)
G90 Set reward has been added for TOP F2 Quest Completion
Honor system has been recoded (Kill/Death Honor rewards for BF)
Honor Points added for each Cruel Raid Instance Completion
Honor Points added for F10 and World Boss Raid Completion
Reward Points added for Battlefield Kills/Win/Loose (Honor shop coming up)
G120 Crafting NPC has been added to Temp-Fort
G120 added to Daily World Boss Raid and The Giant Atziri drops
Beryl and Obsidian Ores added to regular drops
Beryl and Obsidian Ores added to Raid Rewards Shop
Cruel Enchantment stats were fixed for G130+ Enchanted Amulets
Additional EXP stones description has been fixed
Goshi Leader G115 Party Raid Price reduced to 10kk / person
Shadow Slash damage fixed during Damage event
Sword Dance damage fixed on bosses
Cruel Raid Instance #2 joining fee reduced to 5kk
Cruel Raid Instance #3 joining fee reduced to 18kk
Cruel Raid Instance #4 joining fee reduced to 30kk

Server Update

Goshi Leader [Party Raid] has been added (G115 drop, 4 party members)
2 Daily Quests were added (Guard of The Phoenix / Goshi Leader slayer)
Taegeuk Absorbed stats were fixed
DSS/Qigong Success Rates were recoded / increased
F10 I'lyer System has been recoded
I'lyer Boss Spawn has been added in F10 System (final wave)
F10 Participation rewards have been added
F10, World Boss Raid monsters HP increased
Newcomer EXP Bonus increased (+40%)
Rupture Recoded (AOE at level 70)
Guard of the Phoenix [Party Raid] now drops G110
Guard of the Phoenix [Party Raid] Cooldown reduced to 12 hours
Guard of the Phoenix [Party Raid] price reduced to 5kk / person
Guard of the Phoenix [Party Raid] Damage has been reduced
Treasure Hunt Boxes are locked if you are not in the instance
Enchanting Trigrams while having more than 64 items in the inv fixed
Ascetic PVP damage increased
Blockage stones were removed from Dungeon 1
Syringes of Experience were fixed (whole temp-fort zone)
CO/CA/DOK PVE/PVP Damages were rebalanced
Perforation Shots Success Rate increased to 100%
All previously obtained Perforation Shots were removed
Perforation Shots Drops reduced
Broken Mirrors droprate increased
Pets Picking range slightly increased
Random Connection Lost issues were fixed

Server Update

G115 Gear Crafting NPC has been enabled
G115 Drops Added to World Boss Raid and The Giant Atziri Drops
Quartz Ore added to drops, Reborn and Cruel Instance Raid Rewards
Malachite Ore added to drops, Reborn and Cruel Instance Raid Rewards
Newcomer Bonus increased (+30% EXP)
Trigrams +7/+8 Names and stats were fixed
Counter Attack Skill Recoded (Deals AOE damage on first use)
Counter Offensive Skill Recoded (Increased Trigger rate in PVE)
Wings Aura Fuses description added (once applied to wings)
Wings Aura Fusion Magic Attack Bonuses were fixed
G110 Mage Hair Decoration model fixed
Spin Slash damage has been fixed on 5 charges
Website Has been updated (Events, Droplist, Server info, Market)
Characters can now be sold for Geons on Cruel Market
Devil Wings stats description added to Reborn Rewards NPC
Reduced Pet Crafting Prices
G80+ Gear Sell Prices increased (when selling to NPC)
Limit of accounts logged per IP set to 10

Server Update

Reborn Rewards Manager added to Temp-Fort
World Boss Raid Monsters HP reduced
Sunday Madness Raid Monsters HP reduced
Random server crash issue fixed
Pets equip slot has been fixed
Gold Bar Event Boss name changed to Geons Boss to avoid confusion
Event Random G110-G120 Boss name changed to Random Gear Boss
PVE Critical Medicine drops doubled in all Raid Instances
Added a chance of dropping stack (2-4) of PVE Crit Medicines in Raid instances
Discord Status plugin has been developed / added
Cruel Raid Instance #1 entry fee reduced (1.000.000 Geons)
Droplist has been updated
Sapphire / Ruby / Crystal description fixed
Geons required to craft G110 reduced
Dunamic Master pet stats, autopick were fixed

Official Start

Cruel 2023 Season has officially started!

Recent Changes:

Server ecconomy has been changed.
All geon drops reduced by 100
All items and crafting prices reduced by 100
Raid / Boss joining fees reduced by 100
Phoenix Raid Instance teleport out timer increased to 90 seconds
Cruel Raid Instance joining fees changed
Cruel Raid Instance #1 joining fee added
Raid Instance cooldown bug while changing party leader was fixed
Various bot softwares were blocked by custom protection
Multiple skills PVP/PVE damage rebalanced
Arrow of Silence Skill has been added
Exclusive Ocher Wings [7 Day] added to World Instance Raid drops
Automatic inventory expansion added upon new char creation (unlimited)
Stone of Experience Buff Icon fixed
Reborn Reward Points added for each reborn

Scheduled Updates will drop every Friday
Expect to see new content coming up weekly.
If you have suggestions to improve server - use suggestions channel
Below is a part of upcoming scheduled update logs
Scheduled Update (Friday - January 27)

G115 Crafting NPC (if there are enough G110 crafted sets)
Reborn Rewards NPC (Lets you exchange your reward points for various rewards)
Upgraded Raid and Boss Gear drops
2 New crafted Fusion bosses (parts droppable in party and time-limited areas)
Special Treasure Box (can be opened using a special key)
Time-limited craftable exclusive suits (Cruel themed)

*50% of the previous donations completed since June 1st are being refunded.
*Contact admin ingame or discord providing your paypal e-mail address for confirmation.



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