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Server Updates
Website Update

- Characters market has been developed
- User Panel updated
- Character sell function added to User Panel
- Serial Number confirmation upon selling char added

Server Update v2.09
- Newcomer 200% Experience Bonus active
- Corrupted (CW) Set has been added
- Currupted (CW) Accessories were added
- You can now obtain CW Set at CW Manager
- Daily Quests have been added
- Daily Quest Reward Box have been added
Daily Quest Reward Box
Right Click to open the box!

[15%] x300 Iron Ore
[10%] x400 Iron Ore
[5%] x500 Iron Ore

[15%] x150 Copper Ore
[10%] x200 Copper Ore
[5%] x250 Copper Ore

[10%] x100 Jewels
[5%] x2 Gold Bar
[5%] x4 Gold Bar
[5%] 7/1 Talisman of Defense
[4%] Hell Island Certificate
[4%] Haunted Island Certificate
[4%] Possessed Island Certificate
[1%] Cruel Lord Summon Scroll
[1%] Undead Dragon Summon Scroll
[1%] Ifrit Master Summon Scroll

- Experience for daily quests completion added
- G130 Tempered Weapons damage increased
- Assassin Masks disabled in Boss/Event zones
- Several items were disabled in CW zone (RB/Meat)
- Non-CW gear disabled in Castle War zone
- Syringe of Experience usage area extended (Temp-fort)
- Fishing Reward shop prices were fixed
- Shadow Slash PVP/PVE damage rebalanced

Website Update
- New website has been developed
- Custom userpanel added
- Unstuck / Guild time reset added
- Characters market will be added soon

Server Update v2.08
- Newcomer 200% Experience Bonus active
- x6 Time-limit certificates added to starting package
- PVE Gear Sets grade changed to G140
- Tempered G130 Set has been added
- G130 Craftman NPC added to temp-fort
- Dungeon 2 Hall 2 Guard spawns reworked
- Syringe of Experience EXP gain vastly increased
- Palladium Ore has been added
- Bismuth Ore has been added
- Palladium, Bismuth Ores added to drops & Raid Rewards
- Beryl and Obsidian Ore in Raid Rewards increased
- Devil Master spawns disabled
- Crumbling Sand Boss spawns added (non-reborn)
- Christmas Wings icon has been fixed
- Christmas Event will last until January 10th
- Daily Quests coming up in the extension of the update

Server Update v2.07
- Newcomer bonus is active [+200% EXP]
- Land of Immortal added (non-reborn only)
- Special Zone attributes enabled in Land of Immortal
- Server rules added to F1 system
- Devil Master Bosses added for non-reborn players
- Undying Bosses spawns randomized
- Christmas wings texture fixed
- Christmas Quests droprate doubled
- Christmas Gift boxes amount doubled
- Party window UI has been updated, fixed
- Dungeon of Weak added (RB 4+ Party)
- Dungeon of Might added (RB 4+ Party)
- Mutant Demon Leader, Dungeon Guard spawns added
- Wood Element, Fire Element spawns added
- Daily Santa Boss spawns (x3) added outside temp-fort
- Santa Spawn notices added before the spawn



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