Server News

  • Newcomer bonus is active [+200% EXP]
    Neptune Orb has been added to Vote Rewards NPC
    Mercury Orb has been added to Vote Rewards NPC
    Mars Orb [Enchantment] Description has been fixed
    Ifrit Master drops were upgraded
    Ifrit Master stats, hp increased
    Ascetic 3rd job skills slightly improved in PVP
    Shadow Slash skill damage fixed during dmg event
    Permanent Buffs Potion [G3] added to Buffs Crafting
    Piece of a Broken mirror droprate increased
    G30-G50-G75 Enchanted Trigram stats upgraded
    Apprentice-Novice-Senior Taegeuk added
    Trigram absorption fixed (you will need Taegeuk)
    Time limit increased for Raid Instance #1
    Raid Instance #7 has been opened
    Cruel Raid Instance Tokens droprate increased

    Coming up:
    X-mas event will start on December 1st
    3 New party zones for C+ reborns under development
    3 New solo zones for C+ reborns under development

  • Non-reborned players EXP Bonus increased to 200%
    Recruit EXP Bonus enabled +50%
    Reborn Absorption rate bonus reduced
    Ifrit Master Boss has been added
    Ifrit Master Parts added to Undead Dragon
    Ifrit Master Parts added to Cruel Lord
    G70-G80 droprate increased for newcomers
    G105-G110 drops added to Dungeon of Fortune
    G105-G110 drops added to Dungeon of Strategy
    G105-G110 drops added to Dungeon of Blood
    Raid Instance #1 (Free) Entrance limited to 1 player
    Raid Instance #1 Cooldown increased to 2 hours
    Ascetic 3rd job skills PVP damage increased
    God of Sword Spin Slash damage fixed (overflow)
    Dark Shadow 3rd job Skills damage increased PVP/PVE

  • Non-reborned players EXP bonus enabled (+160%)
    Undying bosses now spawn in pairs at the same time
    The Undead Dragon Pet has been resized
    Valley of Misery monsters sight increased
    G80/G90 droprate has been increased (+50%)
    Soul Destruction damage in PVP increased
    Dance of Killing PVP damage slightly reduced
    Perforation Shots droprate doubled
    Geons droprate in Valley of Souls increased
    Cruel Raid instance tokens droprate increased
    G20 Buffs Events were added (9 times daily)
    Lin-Bo [Permanent] Suits added to Vote Rewards
    F10 Jewels droprate has been doubled
    F10 G110-G120 part drops were doubled
    Bosses now have a chance to drop x2 Parts of The Undead Dragon
    Imp elements now have a chance to drop in stack of 2 or 3

  • 7 New Boss Pets have been added
    The Undead Dragon Pet added
    Undead Sand Pet added
    Bronze Giant Pet added
    Master Wraith Pet added
    Gigantic Species Master Pet added
    ILyer Pet added
    Cruel Lord Pet added
    Boss pets are droppable from Boss fight
    Upgrade materials droprate increased
    Non-reborn players EXP increased
    PVE/PVP Damage rebalanced for multiple classes
    ASC 3rd job damage increased

  • Official Start: October 1st